Argument in the Real World

Argument in the Real World: Teaching Adolescents to Read and Write Digital Texts (2017, Heinemann)

Every day, our students are inundated by information—as well as opinions and misinformation—on their devices. Students need to learn how to create and analyze arguments in a digital world.  In this book, Kristen Hawley Turner and Troy Hicks draw from real world texts and samples of student work to share a wealth of insights and practical strategies in teaching students how to engage and create digital arguments.

Connected Reading

Connected Reading:  Teaching Adolescent Readers in a Digital World (2015, NCTE)

We must teach adolescents how to read digital texts effectively and not just expect them to be able to read them because they are familiar with technology.  In this book Dr. Turner and Dr. Hicks offer practical tips for teachers, backed by data and research, for how they can help adolescents become critical readers in a digital age.  In addition to the print book, the authors have created a companion wiki page.